Welcome Back

Welcome back,

When I think of my journey up to this point, I understand why many people give up.

Literally give up.

They commit suicide, end up in mental hospitals or tied to their beds with depression hanging around their rooms. Living in this challenging world is not easy. Add unresolved trauma to the mix and you sit with a person struggling and trying to cope or survive.

I believe many people are not even close to living healthy and full lives. Many times, I thought that I am “well”. Not even thinking that I can have a better life. I was so used to anxiety, sadness and anger that followed me everywhere. We became friends. Feeling hyper alert, anxious and being on the run 24/7 was my life, until I hit rock bottom.

I became physically ill because of all the pain I carried with me. My soul had enough of the high pace life I created. Not intentionally, out of necessity. I could not bare to stand still for to long. Feelings of pain, hurt and suffering chased me, and as long as I was running, they were not able to catch up. But they did. They always do.

There are millions of people just like me, maybe you too have been running for some time or part of your life. Maybe you are still running.

I also learned that the avenues or roads to escape those friends are not safe or helpful.

Pleasing people was one of the avenues I often took to escape my feelings of rejection. It is a very demanding and ruthless road, Pleasing people. It is more of a round-about effect. Those traffic circles you find in South Africa. It goes, around and around and around. If you want you can go around those circles millions of times without choosing an exit. The roundabout by itself leads to nowhere.

It will probably lead to an empty gas tank.

Pleasing people are very similar. It leaves you empty, dissatisfied and unfulfilled. So why would I go waste my time to “please people” if most of them are a roundabout?

I came to realise, through receiving healing from my past, the abuse and all the hurt, that I don’t have to please anyone except my Heavenly Father. And now I choose who to please.

What I do for others is out of love for my Father and I don’t have to do anything to please my Father. He is already pleased with me.

That was one of the most liberating moments in my life.

Which avenues are you taking to escape certain “friends”?

Looking forward hearing from you!


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