#30before30 challenge…

While scrolling through social media recently I came across this challenge and thought it was a pretty nifty idea to create a list of things that you would like to do or accomplish before you are a certain age. It is sort of a long-term to-do list.

Then I reminded myself that I have done it before, but somehow never got to all the wonderful things I have put on that list. For many years that list was unreachable.  It was only recently that I could check a few items on that list.

My “walking a Camino” did not yet realize. My “travel the World” is still on the list and so is buying my own Dodge Challenger.

In the back of my head, my list is always alive and well. I keep on adding new things to it, hoping that God will spare my life so that I can accomplish more.

But will it be enough? Will it be good enough?

I have reminded myself this week, that who I am is always good enough and if my life story can bring hope or healing to only one person, it is good enough for me.

On a lighter note, what is on your 30before40 list or 30before50?

Do you create goals for yourself? Are you still dreaming?

  • Don’t let what happened to you steal your future.
  • Don’t let your past ruin your present.
  • Don’t let life flee by without you reaching a few of your dreams.

Here is a couple of my 30before50… Or rather 30before45.

My Matt Black Dodge Challenger

Buy a Dodge Challenger

Travel America with Wessel in an RV(and our mountain bikes)

Design and Own Watt clothing range

Design my own tiny home

Sell a million copies of Why. (maybe a million is pushing it!)

Walk the Camino de Santiago

Visit Machu Picchu

Create a podcast

Write my second book, with Wessel

Travel Asia

Eat lots of sashimi

Then write a cooking/travel book (Watt’s Cooking?)

Master my fuji xt4 camera

Practice MMA

Love my children more

Create my own Red wine blend

Living in my purpose

Streetbraai with my neighbors (BBQ)

Encourage others that have been hurt by sexual abuse and pornography

Mountain bike Stage race in the US, with Wessel

Get a Green card

Still working on the rest of my list…hope you will do the same!

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