Welcome to my story, my deepest pain and my greatest joy.

Don’t we all have a story? Some stories are more attractive than others.
So many ask the question, Why? Not all our why’s have clear answers. And often, we never get an answer.
Many of your why’s will be answered through reading my life story mirrored with those of the Israelites.

  • Why do adults stay stuck in early childhood trauma?
  • Why Pornography will ruin your child’s life?
  • Why do children need early intervention from trauma?
  • Why are parents blind to see the warning signs of trauma?
  • Why is a safe environment so important for a child to develop?
  • Why can the trauma of sexual abuse last a lifetime?
  • Why does Jesus care?

I must confess; it is not for the faint-hearted. It is raw, authentic, and honest.

May you find truth, healing, and insight between the pages.

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About Carmen Watt

Carmen Watt is a speaker, writer, and author of the book, Why – Sexual Abuse & Pornography: Daily Battles That Can Cause a Lifetime of War. Carmen completed her ministry degree at Rhema Bible College in South Africa, and further educated herself in trauma counseling and how to walk with wounded children. After more than twenty-five years of PTSD, addiction, and pain as the result of silence about child molestation and abuse she experienced as a young girl, Carmen shares her authentic and honest story.

This journey has led her to write her first non-fictional book, using her own story alongside the story of the Israelites in scripture who also suffered from the bondage of captivity to demonstrate a God who is invested in our freedom from every bondage – even in our mind and soul. She is a passionate advocate for broken and silent souls and has dedicated her life to helping restore people to their original “healthy” state – a person that is whole, free and that has the freedom to choose. This South African-born author is also a mother of four and married to the love of her life, Wessel.

If she is not writing she is cooking up a storm, painting, cycling, traveling, and enjoying every moment with her family in Houston, Texas.

Book Reviews

"Brave, deeply moving and much needed. This book came at the right time to not only tell a life story, but also opens the windows to allow True Light and Eternal Hope within us all. Carmen paved a way for transparent conversations to lead to a life of real freedom, and that I am deeply thankful for."
Johnathan Phyfer
"This is a daring story. A bold telling of personal pain hidden for years and how that pain tried to form a young girl’s life forever. But God! Using her own story and the story of God’s children in the Old Testament, Carmen takes us on a journey from the invitation to freedom, and beyond - to lasting freedom in every area of life. If the scars of the past have bound you to shame or painful patterns you can’t break free from, then this book will encourage you to tell your story and to find God’s invitation to freedom at every level of life in the telling. "
Faith Allison Mascato
Trauma Therapist, Life Coach
"Don’t ever be mistaken to think that you are the only one with skeletons in the closet. Reading Why will open your eyes and can bring you to a place of freedom."
Wessel Watt
"Each page in Why helps you to look inward and empty yourself, and at the same time it creates an opportunity to fill yourself with wisdom and insight. For me, Why was the ultimate cleansing process of my Soul."
Maria Visser
Petra Facilitator, Friend
"Why" to me was a reality check of how vulnerable our children are. We need to protect them and make them feel safe to speak up in the tribe. I was reminded that our friends, even the strongest, go through silent battles we know nothing about. Love them. Carmen is an incredibly courageous woman for standing up and sharing her story. May we all choose freedom even when it’s difficult.
"This book is going to change lives. I want to honor you for stepping out. To have the courage to break the chains and to CHOOSE FREEDOM every day."
"Carmen shares real feelings and real heartache. Feelings she mostly kept to herself until she made the very brave decision to step out of the dark into the light. She shares her truth. Carmen’s path to recovery is heartbreakingly sad but her will to heal and to be the best version of herself, makes her a heroine."
"This book has put things in my past in perspective for me. I just wish I had this book when I went through very difficult times. I would have understood better why some things were happening to me. I also wish my parents had the book when I grew up so then they might have handled some situation much differently. Because of this book now I can start forgiving myself and my parents for the past and move on and be the person I was meant to be."

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